Student Learning

Below are a few examples of student demonstrations of understanding from their inquiry-based learning unit, a free inquiry process where I support their (a) selecting a driving question, (b) planning of their unit of study, and (c) writing of their essay and creating of their authentic piece, an artifact reflecting their learning from throughout their unit.

These projects reflect just a portion of their dedication to this unit. Please contact me if you have further questions.

Driving Question: what makes elite athletes elite?

Driving Question: what is the definition of happiness?

Driving Question: have technological advancements in the automotive industry gone so far that I am unable to repair my 1972 Bazoo?

Driving Question: what are the key factors of creating a positive school environment?

Driving Question: how can the media negatively impact young girls of today?

Driving Question: how has the music industry changed over the years? And more specifically, how has hip hop became less urban and more commercialized in the past 30 years?

Driving Question: how can the values of the past be seen in the world of today?


Driving Question: why is William Shakespeare’s work timeless?


Driving Question: what will your verse be?


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