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Nothing builds community in the classroom like an ussie.  Trust me.

Nothing builds community in the classroom like an ussie. Trust me.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Trevor MacKenzie and I teach at Oak Bay High School in Victoria, BC, Canada. I grew up in the sunny Okanagan and called Kelowna my home until transferring to the University of Victoria to study English and Geography. Having played sports most of my life I discovered a love for basketball at a young age. This passion eventually lead me to become a UVic Vike where I completed my Bachelor of Arts and my teaching certification. During my internship practicum at Esquimalt High School in 2003, I discovered a learning community that was diverse and accepting. Although spending years teaching in South Korea (K-5) and Vancouver (5-7) after completing my student teaching, I knew my heart was always with the Greater Victoria School District.

I believe that a successful learning environment is flexible, nurturing, inspiring and challenging. I strive to use technology to enhance my teaching and believe Oak Bay’s strength is in its student body.  Oak Bay kids are awesome. They care about each other and identify with their peers. They take pride in celebrating each other’s successes and they help out when they see a friend in need. How cool is that?

I teach English and collaborate with my colleagues to meaningfully incorporate technology into their practice and help them adopt an inquiry-driven approach to learning.  I am currently working towards my MA in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Victoria researching the impact of an inquiry-based teaching model on learner self-efficacy under the tutelage of Dr. Valerie Irvine.  I am the author of Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice published by EdTech Team which can be purchased on Amazon.

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