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This school year each and every Monday I’m going to publish a post to help you inspire curiosity and learning in your classroom!  It may be a video, a photo, a quote or a passage that will hook your attention and impact your learners.

As an inquiry teacher I often use provocations to entice student voice and see where the learning action takes us.  Provocations come in many forms and I’m going to send one to you every Monday to help get the creative energy flowing and hopefully help you keep the curiosity alive and well throughout YOUR school year.

Leave our community a comment below the weekly #MeaningfulMonday post so we can all learn from and inspire one another. Tweet out how you used it in your classroom or where your learners went with it using the #MeaningfulMonday hashtag.  Together we can stoke curiosity in the minds of our learners and begin to plant the seeds for deeper inquiry and powerful learning experiences.

This week’s #MeaningfulMonday…

I’ve always been a big fan of embracing all forms of learning that force us to vacate the four walls of our classroom and transcend our bell schedules and timetables.  This is the case partly due to how students naturally learn in their day-to-day environments.  They do what works for them because they’re in control of their learning.  I also believe that when we foster agency in the classroom amazing things happen.  This week’s edition of #MeaningfulMonday touches down on these points. Whether it’s the flipped classroom, blended learning, the role of technology to accelerate and personalize learning, or the inquiry mindset, my girl Adilyn has it going on.  Check it out.

Make your Monday meaningful y’all.


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