My Push & Pull

There’s a push and pull that has defined my career for as long as I can remember.  The push is what drives me to work each and every day, the reason for my role as an educator, and the purpose behind why I have adopted an inquiry approach as my own and encourage others to do the same.  It pushes me to do what I do.  To be the teacher my sons need me to be.

The pull is the frustration I feel when educators fail to empower their students and when teachers limit learning due to the safety and routine of standardization and prescription.  Creativity is stifled, innovation is limited, and voice and agency are stripped.  It pulls me away from my purpose and pulls me away from the teacher I am becoming.

And then I see a video like this I am filled with hope.  Have a watch for yourself and leave a comment below about Abu’s Story.


2 thoughts on “My Push & Pull

  1. Another touching story of how students — who are hooked-in to learning about topics they are passionate about – can make a difference. Abu will achieve great things because he believes and he will work hard to see his dream realized.

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