A virtual hug and online shout-out to all of my #CriticalFriends! To those who inspire me, challenge me, and collaborate with me, this journey is a magical one because of the people I know and the people I meet.  From my students to my educators: thank you!


Who are your #CriticalFriends?  Leave a comment below or better yet, give them a shout out of your own!


One thought on “#CriticalFriends

  1. Trevor, you are an absolute gem. When I first learned about your work and read your book, I had no idea that my inquiry journey would lead to a wonderful friendship. I’m really looking forward to this coming year, to extend what we both know, and to challenge each other (as well as our colleagues and students). Isn’t it exciting to think of what the future holds?
    Thank you so much for sharing what you love with others. It makes such a difference!

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