The Inquiry Process

Inquiry Process Illustration.PNG

I love this visual.  When adopting an inquiry mindset it’s important for educators to grasp that although we are giving agency over learning to our students, we must help them be successful in their new roles in the inquiry classroom.

We need to model how questions lead to learning.

We need to be explicit in our teaching of the structures we will use to be successful in our inquiry.

We need to share assessment and have students take the reins of metacognitive reflection.

One strength of Dive into Inquiry is found in the graphics throughout the book.  The power of an image to help create understanding and inspire change cannot be understated.  These graphics can be used as teaching tools to help strengthen the inquiry process.  In my classroom these are on display on our walls, students have copies of them in their binders and on their blogs, and we refer to them often.  They help learners understand where we currently are in learning, where we will head to next, and how their inquiry skill-set is growing and evolving.

One such graphic is titled the Inquiry Process and acts as a map for our inquiry journey together.  At its essence, inquiry takes learners on personalized learning pathways that are often unique in their details as well as when they meet particular benchmarks phases.  This map allows learners to visualize where we will go and understand that although our individual journeys may be unique, we are all in a similar landscape that provides connections across topics and questions in the processes we all follow.

Download this image and others from Dive into Inquiry and use them with your learners.  Have them reflect on how the graphics help their understanding of inquiry and share their thoughts in the comments below.



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