Announcing the Release of Dive into Inquiry

Dive into Inquiry
I am thrilled to announce my first publication in partnership with EdTech Team Press entitled Dive into Inquiry!

This book is the culmination of my years exploring how I can create a more meaningful learning experience for my students while simultaneously best preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. By increasing student agency and providing a strong structure to explore their passions, curiosities, and interests I have witnessed powerful artifacts of learning and highly memorable and meaningful classroom experiences. I want to pass this on to educators around the world to help them bring inquiry in to their classrooms!

When I work with educators and share learning artifacts and stories from my classroom I have come to realize that two things resonate with teachers the most. First, the highly personalized approach to learning yields amazingly successful results when it comes to addressing the learning objectives of our course. Sharing what we learn and changing how we learn it doesn’t mean we sacrifice course rigour, expectations, and excellence. In fact the inquiry model I propose strengthens student achievement across the board. And second, educators need an inquiry structure that makes sense, that is achievable, and that allows them to smoothen the transition from where they are at to where they want to be. Dive into Inquiry does just that.

Over the coming weeks I’ll share more of the book and provide details on how it is a resource every educator should read. I’m excited to share with you all something that I am truly proud of, Dive into Inquiry.


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