Blogging to Capture Learning

I absolutely love blogging. In fact, I love blogging so much I have blogged about blogging here, here, and here. All of my students create and maintain blogs with several goals in mind:

1. to create a collection of their best work
2. to create an awesome online self
3. to improve their digital literacy
4. to share with an authentic audience
5. to meet the learning outcomes of our curriculum

I have shared workshops on the topic, worked with colleagues to help them create their own blog or get their classes started on blogging, and most recently, began working with the English department at Oak Bay High School on creating a blogging scope and sequence for all students in our school. Our vision is that grade nine students will create a wordpress space that they can nurture over their high school years that will become a cross-curricular reflection of their learning that they can then share as they move on in to their future endeavours.

A recent piece by David Stuart Jr resonates with me for number of reasons. He leans on the work of Dr. Angela Duckworth (I am a BIG fan- see here) and the notion that natural talent does not automatically yield achievement. Duckworth’s theory is that talent multiplied by effort yields skill, and that skill, multiplied by effort, yields achievement. And yes, David makes a great connection to blogging. Have a read here.

The past month I had my bucket filled by a colleague at an elementary school in our district named Siobhan Kivell. Siobhan had attended a blogging workshop I provided at the Victoria GAFE Summit and returned to her learners inspired and ready to break ground in the blogging realm. In her digital reflection (below) we see her grade five class in the moment, creating, sharing, and reflecting on their learning. It is awesome to witness. Kudos to Siobhan and her learners! Have a watch:

I am absolutely thrilled educators are working these rich and meaningful learning opportunities in to their classrooms and the curriculum in the elementary years. When strongly scaffolded, supported, and continued over the years, learners gain a strong grasp of what it means to create an awesome online self. I look forward to one day working with Mrs. Kivell’s students and revamping the scope and sequence we are currently building to meet their exceptional understanding of digital literacy.

Do you blog? Do your learners? Do you have a success story to share? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Blogging to Capture Learning

  1. Great to hear that you’re using technology to communicate and that it’s expanded to other classes. Love the video by your grade 5 colleague. We’ve been on the same journey for the past 5 years using wordpress as the platform so we can offer it to our teachers across the district. What’s exciting is that it’s moved from students posting on class blogs to student blogs to now eportfolio-esk (blogfolios). I never would have thought we would have gotten to this point as we started with “what if”. That took us to where we are now and I’m only just recognizing the power of voice.

  2. Thanks for the comment Janet! We are in such a transformational time in education (especially in BC). I am keen to hear more of your progress over the past 5 years and how you are rolling out blogging district wide. Do you have a scope and sequence you can share? We are developing one now – exciting! I think the part I feel most strongly about are the rich conversations about our online footprint we are now having. These lessons are more meaningful than ever before for so many reasons. Let’s keep in touch over the coming months and try and find some collaborative face2face time if we are able to make it work. Enjoy your summer!

    • No scope/sequence as once that’s put into writing I feel it can become a recipe checklist – although I do understand that having one would offer a framework. Basically what I’m after is a conversation of connectedness or to put it in another way – “How do you freeze words in time so you can go back and reflect upon it? Or so others can lift your thinking?” It took us some time to land on a platform but it’s been awesome as we’re able to personalize it to each educator’s growth in goals. Originally it was meant as opportunity to merge digital citizenship in authentic ways but has moved well beyond. You can see a set of our secondary student blogs (public – they have free choice when or if they want it public) All of our district sites are now wordpress, making learning the open source language easily transferable. More importantly we’re endeavoring to make learning visible – meaning different things to different people.
      It is extraordinary times that we live in and exciting to be part of the journey and learning alongside. Yes, let’s get together sometime this next year – you’re just an ocean away 🙂

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