#VicLead & #EdCampVic

With so many changes to my professional landscape this year (new school, new staff, new grad course work) I have been hesitant to bite off anything more than I can chew. So back in August when colleague extraordinaire Dave Shortreed asked if I’d be attending this year’s #EdCampVic event I reluctantly told him I would. But as the weeks of the new school year went by I grew more and more excited for the weekend.

And I was not disappointed.

The festivities opened with a 3 hour pleasure cruise with George Couros at #VicLead. If you ever get the chance to be in the same room as George, YOU MUST. He is a gem: engaging, funny, honest, challenging, and energetic. He had us laughing in one moment, crying in the next, all the while forcing us to question our understanding of what is best for our students. I can’t say enough about the younger Couros brother. Whether it be the power of twitter to connect with other educators, or the impact technology has on student learning to connect and collaborate, George made an impression and he did it well.

That evening I attended the EdCampVic Launch, a social evening with Mr. Couros and about 150 teachers over light food and drink. Again, George was on fire as he poked and prodded at our collective teacher psyche with such doozies as “If you were a student, would you want to learn in your class?”, and “‘That worksheet was so awesome!’ said no student EVER”. Needless to say, I was drinking the Kool-Aid and feeling inspired.

The next day saw us attend #EdCampVic. As teachers mingled and began dotting their workshops, the energy in the building built to a fever pitch. My first session (and most exciting) focused on building support structures to allow pockets of innovation to expand and inspire throughout an entire school. It was fantastic!

After 48 hours of awe-inspiring professional development I’ve managed to Storify some tweets from these two awesome events.

And a huge thanks to the organizers of the weekend. With too many to name I’ll just say this…thank you!


2 thoughts on “#VicLead & #EdCampVic

  1. Why couldn’t you call me the taller Couros brother? 🙂

    Thanks for your reflections and sharing! I love using storify to capture the learning of others and you used it very nicely. I appreciate your commentary on the day because I try to model what I would want…emotion in learning. That “stickiness” it creates is powerful and hopefully we continue to focus on that connection to the heart for our younger learners.

    Thanks for sharing your learning! It is greatly appreciated!

    • You should be flattered you’re the younger Couros! As well as the taller! #winning
      I love the energy and emotion you brought to the weekend. I think teachers know, we just KNOW, when we are in the presence of awesome and engaging practice. And anytime I ask my students what awesome teaching looks like they never fail to emphasize the importance of “passion for their subject” as being vital to an effective teacher. If we love what we do amazing things will happen all around us.
      Thanks for being so great, pal. Looking forward to the next time we can be in the same room at the same time.

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