Explain Everything Writing Reflection

If you know me at all you know how much I am in love with Explain Everything. It is THE wonder app that allows students to personalize learning and find comfort in sharing voice in unparalleled ways. I feel like I blog about Explain Everything every couple of months and now here I am, doing it again.

One manner in which I use Explain Everything is to help students reflect on their work in meaningful and authentic ways. I used to be a huge fan of a peer edit process and I still use this structure in my classrooms each semester. But at times, depending on the assignment and the composition of the class, the peer edit can fall flat on it’s face.

Have a look at the below examples from an English 11 course that is just wrapping up. These students reflect on their work in personal and highly reflective ways, touching down on key PLOs of the course and nailing the criteria and assessment right on the head. Their voices are confident, engaging, and compelling. Their presentations are creative, original, and interesting. And the sharing of this work on our Youtube channel provides an authentic connection to our audience in a surprisingly safe and comforting way that allows students to build confidence and comment on each other’s work.



Sadly this video content has been lost.  I will update this post as more student work is created and ready to share.


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