Reflecting on EDCI569

As our course comes to a close my mind turns to our final project, our Summary of Learning. This artifact could be presented in a myriad of methods but must recap the many significant experiences I encountered over the past months as it pertains to educational technology and media. In order to get me prepped for this final push I thought it’d be helpful to share a bit of what I’m thinking in hopes of both clarifying my direction and also hearing from my peers what their thoughts are on the various topics

2 of the Big Ideas:

1. Networked Learning: this was my first experience learning in an online environment academic setting and there were a few bits and bobs that I was inspired by.

First, I really enjoyed the learning community that was created. Meeting with colleagues from across BC using Bluejeans , Google+, and Twitter as tools to collaborate and learn was great. Bluejeans was smooth and easy to use. I found the real time sharing of ideas and discussing course material to be a great substitute for face to face in-class learning. The Google+ community presented a digital curation of blog posts, related material, and course updates. I found this space to be a nice means for a daily check-in with my classmates. It was a great way for me to be in contact with the course and others’ learning even though we were not in the same physical space. And Twitter allowed me to broaden my network and share my learning from just my classmates to my PLN and beyond. The use of certain hastags and participating in twitter chats brought perspectives, resources, and relationships from far beyond the #tiegrad cohort.

2. Digital Storytelling: Alan Levine’s session was jam-packed full of inspiring resources to be used in the classroom. Everything he shared had me reeling and excited to get back to school the following day. I immediately changed a few assignments I had planned and turned them in to more of a digital story format. Specifically, I introduced Pechaflickr, the Daily Create, and 5 Card Flickr in each of my English 11 and 12 classes. Student feedback was fantastic. They loved the creative and improvisational aspect to each tool and were excited to use them in future classes. Alan, thank you!

And 4 More To Be Discussed:

3. The Maker Movement

4. Effort?

5. The Role of Technology in the Classroom

6. Learning Project

I’m looking forward to brining my thoughts together using Explain Everything and then publishing my Learning Summary. It’s been a whirlwind of a semester and finding time to reflect and collect my thoughts has been exciting. Please let me know what you think of the topics I plan to cover in my summary and if you have any suggestions of items I may have overlooked.


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