#LearningProject Update: All Systems Go

It’s almost time for my #LearningProject to come together in the form of building my race bike for 2015. The past two months have flown by as I’ve been busily researching various resources in order to help me be prepared enough to get the job done. To date I have learned how to install and maintain a crankset, bottom bracket, and pedals. I have swapped brake pads and maintained tubeless tires. And I have been tinkering with drivetrain maintenance and upkeep.

In order for me to be ready to build my rig I have been curating videos and web articles from a bunch of different online sources.

GCN (Global Cycling Network) continues to inspire me to learn from their How To videos. They’re short and concise, engaging, and super helpful. For the smaller tasks I’ll need to get done when building my bike these videos are a big help.

Park Tool is a producer of awesome cycling tools. They have a great web resource with categorized help articles as well as a nifty interactive bike graphic where you can easily select the location of the bike in which you wish to get information and support.

Bicycle Tutor is a website created and operated by a former shop mechanic and self-described bike geek. It’s sole purpose is to provide a place where riders can learn how to fix their own rigs. Video tutorials, a categorized help guide, and a user forum are all options to grab some very useful content.

Bike Tutor 2

Bike Forums is a site that is entirely structured on users interacting through dozes of forum threads. The Bike Mechanics thread is particularly useful to my #LearningProject.

As of today I am waiting for 3 specific parts needed in order for me to begin building my bike. These should arrive this weekend so at some point in the coming week I will start the process. I am anticipating that I will get my local bike shop to take care of the electrical drivetrain. It is a pretty specific task that requires training above and beyond what I can get done. The producer of the parts, Shimano, demands that all mechanics working on this product complete several modules of training, none of which I have access to. Other than this I think I am able to be successful in this endeavor. Fingers crossed!


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