#LearningProject – Power Meter Reflection

Since I have installed my Stages power meter I have been able to analyze the data and use it to help focus my training and help scaffold toward meeting my cycling goals for the 2015 race season. It has proven to be not just incredibly useful but surprisingly beneficial in ways I hadn’t anticipated. In the below screencast I continue to play with Quicktime and use it to share my thoughts on this process. Enjoy!

And if you can’t stand the suspense: 2 x 20′ TT, 410w and 403w. Boom!

On a sidenote, I have really enjoyed using Quicktime as a simple screencast tool. I am going to use a few screencasts in my classes in the coming weeks and I will have some to share with you all. My hope is to not just flip the classroom but provide students who are unable to attend specific classes a glimpse in to what we accomplished on that particular day.


One thought on “#LearningProject – Power Meter Reflection

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