#LearningProject – Installing a Power Meter

Over the coming months I will learn how to maintain, repair, and build a bike. The first milestone in this endeavour occurred recently when I purchased a Stages Power Meter.

I have also been playing with Quicktime as a web tool to help me reflect and share my learning. One goal for my #LearningProject is to broaden my use of web tools in the hope of demonstrating to my students some of the options available to them during their own inquiry studies.

The below video is a screencast and acts as a brief introduction to some basic cycling data, the reasoning behind why I purchased a power meter, and where I have located useful information online to help with the install.

I found the Quicktime tool to be super easy and intuitive. It’s easy to get going and it captures everything on your screen and your voice perfectly. Of course I did find that it is limited in what you are able to create. I would like to add text, music, and video footage of me narrating as well as working on my bike. I’d like to use another web tool that has these capabilities but is not hard on the wallet.

I haven’t done the install yet but when I do I will take photos to document the process. Using the Stages Support Centre has allowed me to prepare for the install in great detail. I needed to get a single tool, a Shimano preload cap tool. It was actually so inexpensive the guys at the bike shop just gave me one. Once I install the device correctly I will need to sync the new crank arm and the Stages unit to my Garmin device. The Garmin device is mounted to my handlebars so I can easily view my data as I’m riding. The Stages technology uses ANT+ and Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transmit the data to the Garmin unit. Once the two devices were paired I was good to go.

I’ll post a reflection on the install and on how useful I am finding the power data in the coming weeks and whether I feel like the financial investment will be worth the fitness gains.


2 thoughts on “#LearningProject – Installing a Power Meter

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