Our Left Arm Apps


Since my last post I have been asked by a number of colleagues to share some of the apps we have invested in at Esquimalt High School. I have put together a list that I’d give my left arm for…or the left arm of one of my students. The list also includes several that we have yet to invest in but are on our radar.

Also, I thought it would be helpful if I included some reflection as to what our desired outcomes in using each app are. The prices reflect purchasing for a single iPad and not our VPP cost.

I want students to create & publish video:
iMovie (4.99): record, edit and publish movies directly to the web from iMovie. Web publishing choices include YouTube and Vimeo.

Vimeo (free): a helpful free alternative to iMovie. The vimeo app allows you to record, edit and publish video to a vimeo account. Again, this option does not have the bells and whistles in terms of editing as iMovie, but it is free and smooth functioning.

I want students to demonstrate their understanding by screencasting:
ExplainEverything (2.99): narrate, annotate, and publish your content all from one app. We have worked with jpgs and pdfs and we have made screencasts and uploaded them to our class YouTube channel. The opportunity to revise recordings in a simple fashion makes this app a seamless and struggle-free option for students and teachers alike.

EduCreations (free): although this option does not have as many bells and whistles as ExplainEverything, EduCreations provides a community of published Educational screencasts for users to browse and use themselves. It’s simple format lends well to the math classroom.

I want students to interact with images:
Skitch (free): an extremely easy image editing app allows you to insert shapes, arrows and text on any image that is saved to the iPad camera roll. Once edited, images can be exported to the camera roll or sent directly to an Evernote account.

I want students to create hand written art:
Paper by 53 (free): the app itself is free, but you’ll want to purchase the upgrade once your artistic students get hooked on this realistic drawing app.

I want students to create digital books:
Book Creator (4.99): here we can add with text, images, audio and video from the iPad camera roll to create our own digital books.

I want students to respond to polls / take quizzes:
Socrative (free): I use this app to create quizzes directly from my iPad. My students log in to my “room” and complete the quiz, get quick and meaningful feedback, and I see instant results.

I want students to tell digital stories or have an online discussion:
VoiceThread (free): here we can create, comment, publish and share presentations. Multiple users can interact with an image and record their voice, leave a screencast, or write a comment for others to see.

Animoto (free): Animoto’s final product tends to be more limited but it offers a quick alternative as an entry level digital storytelling platform.

I want students to create a digital notebook:
Evernote (free): I think this is such a great digital note-taking platform. Here we create typed, image or audio notes directly within the app and then organize the content into shareable notebooks.

I want students to write papers / word process:
Pages (9.99): Apple’s word processing app allows content to be be exported as a Pages, Word or PDF file from the iPad via email. Also, Word documents can be opened and edited within Pages.

CloudOn (free) – This free alternative allows users to create both Word and PowerPoint files on the iPad that can then be sent directly to a Dropbox account.


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